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Jun 22 2013


Everything is still going well! I’m getting by on 4-5 hours of sleep a night, and I am having to get my own food a lot more than I would have wanted to because the food situation here is so terrible, but I am surviving. This past week was my first week with my summer school students, and it went quite well! There were supposed to be 20 of them, but we only have 10 who came. We also have a lot of absences… there were only 5 of them there on Friday. I am making an attendance tracker and incentive to hopefully improve this in the last few weeks of summer school! I love teaching here, but it is a bit different than teaching back in Michigan. I definitely had an easier time building relationships with my students in Michigan (I’m sure that teaching theatre had a huge part in that). I love my students regardless, and I have been spending lunch with them to try to get to know them better!

On a different note, on Wednesday I had a really awesome opportunity. Through TFA we have different classes we take (6 in total), and one of them is called “ERC” and is about how to teach ELA (English Language Arts). I was asked to teach a 30-minute segment on Wednesday during our ERC session about how to teach writing– specifically modeling. Usually these sessions are taught by one girl who has like 7 years of teaching experience and has taught at Institute for the past 3 summers, so I felt honored to be asked! My session went over really well, and I got a lot of compliments for it and was told it was really helpful. I think that it was a great experience, especially since I want to “teach teaching” (if that makes sense) at a college level someday. Who knows… maybe being the ERC instructor at an Institute is in my future someday!

Additionally, on Tuesday at our school, a lot of Teach for America national staff were there. One of them was the Director of Design, which means he was in charge of the vision curriculum. Our vision is basically a long document that explains what our vision is for our classroom. If you want to see mine, send me a note, and I will forward it to you. Anyways, he loved our vision so much and said it was exactly what he was imagining when he developed the curriculum! I felt very honored because I worked really hard on it. :) This was just my summer school vision, but it makes me much more confident for writing my vision for the actual school year.

Last night I slept 12 hours. It was beautiful. Today I am doing some errands, trying to get ahead on some TFA work, and hopefully just having a relaxing day. :)

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