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Jul 10 2013

Last day of summer school tomorrow…

After a mere 2 1/2 weeks of teaching my summer school students, 100% of them saw growth on their final assessment, with over half of them reaching their specific final assessment goal in points (and one of them exceeding that goal by over 20). I saw extreme improvements in writing; students who when asked to write a paragraph and only wrote one sentence are now writing complete paragraphs with relevant evidence and thorough explanations. I saw all of my students finish at least one book during this period, with some of them finishing two– and they all ENJOYED them… seriously, I had to tell them to put the books away during instructional time (these titles include: The Skin I’m In; Bud, Not Buddy; Yummy; Feathers; Hole In My Life; The First Part Last; Bronx Masquerade; No Easy Answers).
I fell in love with my students, and my students reached their mission of “Prove ‘em wrong!” In fact– they proved me wrong. A student who was disengaged on the first day, getting up from his seat, pacing back and forth and shaking his head in frustration about having to attend summer school ended up becoming one of the most urgent students in the class, simply because I was able to build a relationship with him. Today as he left, he hugged me and said he really enjoyed his summer school experience (a compliment for sure… it is summer school after all).
All of this in two and a half weeks. I can’t wait to see what can be accomplished when I have an entire year.¬†¬†Live up to the legacy.

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